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    Automation Machine

    Avg. 50sets of automation machines making per year

    Jing Hong Automation BU was founded in 2011. At the beginning , JH cooperated with Japanese TKS company to develop automation equipment, and also invited Japanese experts to train and guide designers. Up to now, JH has provided a variety of semi-automatic and full automation equipment and solutions for TE, Panasonic, Mitsumi and other domestic and oversea customers.  Now, there are 20 employees, who complete design/assembly/programming/equipment testing.

    • Automation Machines Manufacturing in JH

      Automation Machines Manufacturing in JH

      EMBOSS molding and packaging machine

      CCD automatic inspection machine

      automatic assembly machine

      hot forming machine

      bending and inserting machine

      terminal cutting and inserting machine

    • R&D Centor

      R&D Centor

      6 R&D engineers

      Cooperation with 2+Japanese R&D design team

    • Assembly workshop in JH

      Assembly workshop in JH